Friday, 19 December 2014

Martin Place Flower Tributes

In the week after the terrifying Sydney Siege at Lindt Cafe in Martin Place, many thousands of people have laid flowers in tribute, turning the walkway into a sea of color and rows of people.

As of today there are 3 separate areas where flower monuments have sprung up. I expect it will continue to grow over the weekend.

Directly outside the Lindt cafe there are no flowers.  Its baron, except for the look of confusion on peoples faces, and the barriers ensuring people are kept at a distance and can't see directly in to the cafe.

There are many security staff in high-visibility jackets, and police making a presence, but there is no tension in the crowd. Everyone seems sad, and low. Some security staff help visitors place flowers in the memorial areas.

I get the feeling the flower tributes are as much about a feeling of lost innocence, as they are for the real tragic loss of lives.

Even tough there are signs telling people not to lay flowers in some areas, the pile continues to grow. 

There is definitely a police presence around the crime scene.